End of the LineCar 6

The passengers in car 6 only have time to notice that the train is hurtling through the Elephant before it ploughs underneath car 5 and is flattened in a breath: their spirits shoot forward.

Sam Cruza sits in a New York Metro. The other passengers look up from their papers; they are all cab drivers; they are all him: Albanian, Romanian, Greek. They all start to exit, taking parts of him with them.

London taxi drivers swarm Steven Workman, shaking his hand. He begins to understand; they are glad to see him there -- his device will be delayed.

He is still bound to Angie Strachan, who imagines she is travelling to the warehouse. Life is so short, she thinks, wistfully, and makes up her mind to go with her boss to the Lebanon. She sees it -- shimmering spires, bullet holes.

Harriet Zinovsky has somehow landed in that warehouse full of skins, only now they all have tattooed names; they are people.

Harry Migson hears the theme songs from The Avengers and from Dr Who. He is a child again, in the dark, with the sounds.

Rezia Begum is the only one who knows what has happened; she is conscious, wrapped around a metal pole, breathing dust.

For Bal Patil, everything spins like his hair. Swinging down the handholds comes a monkey, wearing a spangled crown. It is Hanuman, strength, and the Monkey takes Bal's hand. Together they swing up the carriage, away from illusion which exfoliates like stone, towards the airy real.

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