Car 1

Mrs Harriet Dawe

Outward appearance

Extremely tired woman in her 30s. Bumfreezer black jacket over a bright red dress with white polka dots. Red shoes. Dead blonde hair.

Inside information

Works as a fully qualified masseuse in a Soho basement. Her boss is an older woman with a smoky voice... "We have a lovely girl here..."

Fat, unshaven Mediterranean men walk in, see two older women and walk out again. Police come for payoffs. Tricks get threatening. Harriet likes doing old gents best; she feels kindness for them and nothing else.

Last night her 16 year old son came in . She heard his voice and her heart stopped. He doesn't know about her job.

She stayed hidden in a curtained room with a handsome, brutish Aussie. She was toweling her hand when she heard Charlotte call, "You still busy, love?"

"Mmm hmmm," Harriet said, disguising her voice. She heard curtains close. The trick growled at her; she let him go and stayed hidden. Afterwards she peered between the curtains and saw only her son's back. Tall, skinny, alone. She wished he had a nice girlfriend instead.

"Fancied the Aussie, did you?" was all Charlotte said, over their usual morning cup of coffee. Harriet stared at her and thought: you've had my son.

What she is doing or thinking

What does she do now? She can't go back. There is a Sauna Centre near Lambeth North. That's a bit too close to home -- her son would never go there. Harriet decides very suddenly to change venue. Maybe they're still open. She gets off at Waterloo, instead of the Elephant.

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