Car 1

Mr Maurice Hazlett

Outward appearance

A distinguished businessman on holiday. Double chinned, grey haired, but in anorak and blue jeans mismatched with heavy brown brogues.

Inside information

A retired intelligence agent who worked for MI5 when its offices were in Lambeth North. Has come up from the country without his wife to help their daughter move. On a sentimental journey to see his old haunts. In the 1940s, he was a lover of Donald Maclean. Many other secrets. He would be very pleased to see Passenger 22 from whom he used to buy wine.

What he is doing or thinking

Remembering the old days. The Russian "export shop" across the road. Spooks would wave to each other in the mornings. The church tower nearby had a pair of nesting kestrels that returned to it every year. All of MI5 birdwatched through their mirrored windows. It was a dull life in a way.

Why I am doing this? he thinks. Everything's closed, the bookshop, the Turkish grocers. Nothing left.

Maurice also remembers the smell of underarms, cigarettes, white linen. Embracing one of the great traitors of the century in a blackout. You gave no sign in those days, it was secret, you were never sure until the very moment you kissed male stubble.

There is a cottage in the toilets at Elephant and Castle. He is after all off his leash today, Jenny need never know. He has an image of young well spoken man, rather like himself, or Don.

He heads on for the cottage at the end of the line, unaware that it too has been closed.

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