Car 1

Mr William Dynham

Outward appearance

A more mischievous Tony Blair. Impeccable blue suit, grey goat, burnished black shoes. New brief case. He sprawls relaxed and hides a grin behind a hand.

Inside information

A Tory Euro MP for a far Northern constituency which he had never visited before becoming a candidate. Lives in the Chilterns, has a flat in London. His parents are decent middle class people from Herefordshire.

William became a Euro MP to make money. He has. Previous career moves include being a bicycle messenger, a teacher of English in the Phillipines and a professional lobbyist for the Small Bosses Syndicate. Has an appointment at 9.15 with the new Director of the SBS, Passenger 106 .

Most people think William went to Oxford and was a businessman. He has one O level. Everyone believes everything William says. For a while.

What he is doing or thinking

He is savouring the uncommon experience of traveling on public transport. He enjoys looking at the people.

For example, he thinks Passenger 11, the cross-Channel pianist, is an off-duty policeman. This is because of the man's black trousers and blue shirt. Passenger 4, the grinning werewolf, is plainly a recipient of Care in the Community, and will be discovered to be a serial killer. William fears that Passenger 5, the broadcaster, may be a constituent. The face is familiar. William has a tendency to forget their names.

Suddenly, down the carriage there is some unpleasantness. A fight! Entranced by the richness of life around him, William reluctantly stands up to go. He has an appointment. Why does he find such things so boring these days?

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