Car 1

Mr Victor Reventos

Outward appearance

He looks like Geronimo -- high cheekbones, long nose, short mouth. He wears a blue-grey jacket of a kind not available in England, a blue and brown checked shirt, jeans, and thick-soled, unbranded, immaculately white trainers. He sits with an arm behind his neighbour's head, his hand separating strands of her hair. He keeps looking up as if nervous.

Inside information

A train fan and civil engineer from Guadalarja. Two days ago, he bought every book in the London Transport Museum Book Shop. Making a daytrip to Elephant and Castle station (1907) to see its famous Leslie-Green style tiles.

What he is doing or thinking

He finds English women dangerously attractive. His eyes keep flicking up at a girl with a mirror (Passenger 35) , and a more mature secretary-type (Passenger 34). Then there is the trendy student with devastating skin (Passenger 33).

He was inspired to come to England not only because of London Underground but because of a display of Synchronized Swimming he saw televised during the last Olympics. Two huge English gals with shoulders like walruses and smiles like Rita Hayworth's breasted the waves in perfect unison.

Suddenly he has heard enough about D78 stock. Suddenly, he wants to see English girls swimming. Suddenly he wants to be swimming. He suffers a moment of fannish conversion -- a pang of loss, a giddying reversal and a burst of yearning as sudden and delicious as biting into fresh pineapple. He is now a fan of Synchronized Swimming. He taps his wife on the arm. They get out early at Waterloo Station in search of a swimming pool.

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