Car 1

Mr Keith Olewaio

Outward appearance

Jovial, mature black man sharing a series of jokes with a friend. Probably African from the accent. Expensive herringbone trousers slightly mismatch with blue outdoor coat and soft shoes.

Inside information

Staying with his brother, who has a British passport. Jointly owns a minicab with Passenger 10. They are going to collect the car from a body shop located in arches under the railway. Mr Olewaio loves being a driver in Britain. Takes Polaroid photographs of his customers. Hopes in this way to make lasting friends.

What he is doing or thinking

He is relating to his partner what happened with last night's fare, a severely drunken woman who wanted to get to Potter's Bar and was unable to suggest a route. Potter's Bar is just outside the range of London A- Z. Mr Olewaio knows nothing of London geography, and did not have a compass. London boroughs usually street-sign cross roads, not main streets. The signs can be posted anywhere on the sides of buildings, and Mr Olewaio needs glasses. He drove concertedly along a main road, finally glimpsing what it was called -- "High Street".

"North, north," the woman kept saying. He kept looking for the Thames. Realized he was heading south. Left the woman on a train platform. "But this isn't Potter's Bar," she protested. He shows a Polaroid photo of her. She is slumped on a bench, looking very confused. He gave her money for the train. He laughs, but is laughing at himself. Under the laughter, he is becoming coldly determined. I am fool, he thinks, until I learn.

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