Car 2

Mrs Georgina Bullen

Outward appearance

Rugged old type. Heavily made up face seems about to smile grimly. Green jersey, grey skirt, large clean sensible greenish coat. It is a surprise to see town shoes instead of green wellies.

Inside information

Her husband was a Captain in the Royal Navy, and turned around his destroyer to propose marriage. It was war time. She now does work for charities and the church. She is a very caring, conservative woman, whose heart sings at the thought of Mrs Thatcher, whom she regards as a great force for good brought down by the petty jealousy of those around her. Georgina devotes herself to church work, her decent romantic husband, and the memory of her one true love -- an Indian lawyer she met in Queta in 1941. She has no photograph of him.

Georgina is visiting Archbishop's Palace for a briefing on the issue of gays in the priesthood, and will have an embarrassing meeting in 20 minutes' time with Passenger 38. She will assume throughout that he is gay and will address him sympathetically on the subject.

What she is doing or thinking

Feels pity and horror for the man next to her -- he may not even know that he stinks. She has stood it since Baker Street and now has a terrible headache. She explodes and says perhaps too much ... something about burnt tyres.

The poor man flees and she feels terrible. Billows waft from the folds of his coat like a gas leak. Georgina feels the stench in the roots of her teeth.

She has to get off at Waterloo. With him.

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