Car 2

Ms Anne Warrington

Outward appearance

Fuzzy black jacket, a sweater that is a work of art-- blue, green, yellow angular patterns in different thicknesses of yarn. Red hair in a Beatle cut, green eye make up, lipstick that matches her hair, tooled cowboy boots.

Inside information

Works as an administrator for the Florence Nightingale Museum, St Thomas' Hospital. Considers her skills to be in style and marketing. Member of the Health Museum Network, which has just proved to be counterproductive.

What she is doing or thinking

She is fuming. Dun and Old, the giant accounting firm, are just across the street. For months Anne has been building a case for sponsorship: a venue for D&O visitors, exposure to the health market. Instead, the Museum of Dental Prosthetics has got the money. It's infuriating. It was Anne who told the dentists that D&O's Public Sector Manager had false teeth. They sent him a giant grinning set as part of their SMILE campaign and promised exposure on every leaflet.

When she first visited the Museum, Anne fell in love with the story of Florence Nightingale. Sad, alone, battling depression, Nightingale exposed a truth that no one else wanted to face: the British Army took everything it could from its men, and then discarded their wounded bodies like burnt bacon. Florence proved beyond doubt that the Army did not care, and that she did. She invented a profession.

Anne wanted to help that story, that process. Rivalry and conniving were not what she meant. What next?

You could always, a voice says within her, become a nurse yourself.

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