Car 2

Mr Keith Snow

Outward appearance

Big, blond, soft-faced man in wire rimmed spectacles and clean casual clothing -- brown slacks, tan jacket. Carries a shoulder bag hugged by a grubby, grinning Garfield cat.

Inside information

Keith was meant for the priesthood until faced with a choice between A levels and the school rugby team. Chose the later. Went to Hull Polytechnic instead of University, where he met and married his similarly religious, gentle wife. Now father of six tidy children.

At 26, he was surprised to write a series of funny pornographic stories about an ancient Greek satyr lose in modern Britain. He rutted people's trouser cuffs. On the strength of the stories, Keith was offered the assistant editorship of Exposed for Men. Needed the money. Hated it. The walls were covered in fanny. He lied about his job. They offered him editor and he left. He couldn't face telling people he was fully responsible for Britain's leading dirty magazine.

What he is doing or thinking

Trying to feel the full happiness of his new job.

Keith is now the proud Editor of Zinc and Lead, companion periodical to Bibliographical Supplement on Mining. It has modern offices on Lower Marsh: the walls are covered with mineral crystals. It is an ambition fulfilled: he studied mineralogy at Hull and regularly used The Bibliography.

So he's happy, right? So why can he still see the satyr and his grin? Worse than that, Keith is sure suddenly that he can smell him, the goatish musk.

He looks around, paranoia in his eyes. He is of course smelling passenger 39.

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