Car 2

Ms Olivia Parsons

Outward appearance

Huge red rimmed spectacles, a hearty plump face, mauve sweatshirt over stretch trousers and a quilted coat. Long, careless hair. Stares ahead of herself chewing abstractly on one strand of it.

Inside information

A contract tutor and Apple operator at the South Bank Technology Park. Olivia teaches QuarkXpress and Illustrator skills. Also works on the Park's money-making design and publications service.

What she is doing or thinking

Olive is remembering the terror of the night before. She was working late on the University prospectus, when she heard a noise, a bit like one of the swing windows thumping against its frame. She thought no more of it. Then her door opened.

A very young man in sweatshirt and baseball cap stood there. She had time to register that she did not know him. "Oh shit," he said, and left, quickly. She went on working for a few moments, and then realized that something was wrong. She stood up, went into the next studio The backs of the machines were prized open. In one corner was a curl of turd. Her heart started to pound. It was 10.30 pm and she was alone. For some reason she ran back into her own studio before ringing the police. The first the security guard knew of it was when the police arrived.

For a full 15 minutes, from the questioning, it was plain that the police suspected Olivia of helping. She now fears for her job. It would be so easy for them to cancel her contract, just in case.

And she can still smell the shit.

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