Car 2

Oliver Maskey

Outward appearance

Small 16 year old. The usual backwards baseball cap and baggy trousers, but instead of trainers he wears tiny, tight climbing shoes.

Inside information

Oliver is a thief. Oliver's Mum is a thief. She has special big knickers. She gets past detectors by switching bags or lining them with foil. A friend of the family, Jake, organises teams of underage lads who break into offices, force open computers and leave with the chips. If they're caught, the lads are too young to convict. Oliver helps out. He's on his way to the Elephant to spend some cash on games.

What he is doing or thinking

He's just realised that the woman sitting opposite saw him on last night's job. Slowly Oliver slips off the baseball cap: he was wearing it then. The woman chews on her hair, stares ahead, and he realizes she's out of it.

Poor cow, she's still scared. Don't you think we're scared too? Why do think we shit all over the floor? Oliver wonders if she found it, what she thought. She could be his sister. Come on, come on, come on, he tells the train.

At Lambeth North, the doors are on her side. Oliver waits until the last moment before darting through them. On the platform, he's safe. The woman sits with her back to him and runs a shivery hand across her face.

It's nothing personal, Oliver wants to tell her. It's what we do. He knows then he'll do this all his life, and that she will always be on the other side of the glass.

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