Car 2

Mrs Julie Tildsley

Outward appearance

The last to get on at Embankment, as the doors close. She's youngish, about thirty, but rumpled hair and baggy eyes make her look older and a bit grumpy. She drops down into an empty seat and stares. She wears a shiny white dress.

Inside information

Works for FSD Courier Service near the Elephant. Takes bookings, fills in forms, contacts couriers, gives customers instructions. She lives near Aldgate East -- a long way to come, but a job is a job, even one you could do in your sleep.

What she is doing or thinking

Julie actually is asleep. Her morning routine is so established that she dressed herself sleepwalking. She walked on automatic pilot to the tube and changed trains at Embankment without waking up. She is conscious of nothing until Passenger 46 clumps Passenger 47 with a bicycle seat. She thinks: I'm dreaming that I'm sitting on the tube and a man comes in with a bicycle seat and hits a large black man with it. A spooky black lady smiles, nursing something terrible in a parcel. Sitting next to her, Mick Hucknall seems to be singing.

Gradually Julie realises it is not a dream. She really is sitting on the tube fingering her white dress. The FSD uniform is a grey skirt.

She's only wearing a slip. Oh my God! she thinks and sits up as the train slows into Waterloo. I'm not dressed, I've got to go home!

All the way to Aldgate East and then walking up Commercial Road, wearing only a slip. But this time she won't be asleep.

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