Car 2

Miss Samantha Allers

Outward appearance

Young, carefully groomed. Black trousers, black sweatshirt with Paperchase logo. Pink, puffy overcoat. Burnished bronze hair pulled up into a kind of curly nest on top of her head. Her earrings are the same colour.

Inside information

Sam is late for her job in a sandwich bar on Lower Marsh.

What she is doing or thinking

She's had a bad night. Sam recently moved with her boyfriend into a new flat. She was thinking about wallpaper, carpets, and damp around the windows -- until the police called on her neighbour next door. It turns out he's a bit of villain -- and a friend of the three who have just escaped from Parkhurst prison on the Isle of Wight.

They might have turned up just one door along. That's what the police said. They showed her photographs. They didn't look hard, but then villains don't always. They looked squishy and fat--horrible.

As far as Sam is concerned, she and Terry her boyfriend are moving on and up, away from London's past, out into the suburbs, into the future. The whole thing is like finding yourself living next door to the Krays. It's depressing. It's old.

Sam is pregnant. The job is to pay for wallpaper for the nursery, a cot. In her mind the new flat and the coming baby are intertwined. She doesn't want to bring her baby up next to criminals. After months of looking for somewhere to live, Sam becomes determined to move.

Milton Keynes? she wonders.

As they come into Waterloo, there is a waft of a terrible stench.

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