Car 2

Amy Stewart

Outward appearance

A little girl, preschool, neatly turned out in a blue dress, and polished black shoes. So pale that there are blue veins in her cheeks.

Inside information

Mum works and Daddy visits on Sunday and takes her out which is nice because she can get away from Mum who needs her rest. They go to the park or to the movies, and Daddy always drives her in a car. Her most favorite place is under her bed where the carpet ends. Everyone tells her that Granny Stewart's house is full of nice things, so that is her favorite place too.

What she is doing or thinking

There are all these people with big feet who are in a hurry. Amy doesn't like the tube, and pulls back because she wants to get off. Her Gran tells her to get onto the seat. It's high and if it's dirty it will get her dress dirty, but she wants to do it herself, so she climbs up and there is this man with white clothes and a funny haircut who looks like something from the telly.

Gran wants Amy to read the book to show how much she's learned, but she looks at the picture instead. It shows boxes with rows of faces. "Train," Amy says, but it looks nothing like this train. No one looks out of the window in this train. No one waves and smiles. But Amy likes the man who looks like something from the telly, even if he is a bit scary. Television has taught her: everything real is scary.

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