Car 2

Mr Allan Marjoram

Outward appearance

Large bearded man in a suit and waterproof bunched around his burgeoning body. Oversize head, spectacles, white hands, scuffed shoes. Hunched over Time Out , with two different coloured markers. Holds both tops in his mouth.

Inside information

Allan works in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Library on Stamford Street. Lives in Harrow with his parents. He is 32 years old.

What he is doing or thinking

He is going through the Time Out personal ads with methodical diligence. His priorities are written on a envelope held underneath each ad.

Short term, pref exotic. Red. Partner, first time advertiser. Green

He circles an ad in red.

Attractive Black Woman, 33 graduate professional mature seeks gallant gentleman 33-45, professional, warm hearted...

He havers. It would not be fair to pretend he was looking for a permanent relationship with a black woman. Besides, he is one year too young. He puts a question mark.

Green Eyes, Red Hair Lady 30 trendy(ish) creative job WLTM sexy man with GSOH for warm nights in. Photo please.

He promptly circles this in green. It meets all his requirements. He's not sexy, though. On second thought, he changes the colour to red.

Allan wishes someone would tell him what a GSOH was. And why did so many people want someone who spoke Chinese or Arabic?

Woman, 32, part-Jewish, sharp tongued seeks someone understanding...

That sounded a bit fierce.

Cute half-Italian lady, 35, seeks affectionate, understanding, trustworthy guy....

Green. That's all there are. He ranks all the greens from 1 to 3 in order. The train slows and he takes the pen tops out of his mouth.

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