Car 2


Mr Milton Richards

Outward appearance

Small, neat man in blue trousers, blue padded anorak, cloth cap. One of the sleeves, jammed into a pocket, is empty. Has a fiercely trimmed moustache and a general air of rectitude.

Inside information

Milton lost his arm in an accident at a textile factory in Hackney. The factory went bankrupt soon afterwards: there was no compensation. Lives on benefit. The stepfather of Eveleen Doyce.

What he is doing or thinking

He is sitting with Jesus. Jesus stands in the aisle between the rows of seats, holding out both (whole) arms in mercy. Milton can see the heart of Jesus through the robes of his gown. Jesus is telling Milton that he must kill his stepdaughter.

She is spawn. Milton has seen her through the connecting doors between cars, sitting on the same train. By leaning back, he knows that she cannot see him. Soon, he will kill for Jesus.

Milton loves Jesus. His evil children tell him that he loves white people more than black people. They do not understand that he is comparing their own fallen behavior with that of bank managers, politicians, the Royal Family, and Andrew Lloyd Weber. These are the people to emulate, they just happen to be white. Does he not also instruct them to follow the example of Frank Bruno? Nat King Cole?

Bruno fights for Britain, and so will Milton. In the empty sleeve, the knife is hidden. That is why the Lord took away Milton's arm, to hide the knife, so that he could be His Scourge.

Milton awaits his duty with patience.

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