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The area of bookstalls is under the arches of Waterloo Bridge, sweeping off overhead across the river. This riverside walk is lined with trees. Joggers wobble past, children sit on the sculptures, and the National Theatre looking like a temporary facility in a trailer camp also fits neatly under the bridge, offering outdoor tables and food.

The National Film Theatre is one of the best repertory film theatres in London -- though less adventurous than the ICA or than it used to be itself. Part of the British Film Insitute, it is the central venue for the London Film Festival and the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. It has a great bookshop and is attached to the Museum of the Moving Image, which honours television as well as film.

MOMI and the NFT form part of the riverside area called the South Bank. This horseshoe shaped bend of the river contains The Festival Hall, the Hayward Gallery, the Queen Elizabeth Hall, and on the other side of Waterloo Bridge, the Royal National Theatre and on to the new Tate gallery in the old power station and the new Globe Theatre.

The Royal Festival Hall was built as part of the Festival of Britain. It is large, many floored and does free lunchtime concerts in its lower floor bar area, next to its free exhibitions. A good place to meet for lunch. Concerts from everything from Argentinian tangos, to Steve Reich, to Franz Liszt (which is what Passenger 53 is booking -- her daughter will hate it).

I orginally intended these footnotes to be full of bitchy misinformation designed to mislead. I keep losing heart and telling the truth. Losing heart is at the core of all artistic failure. I promise that some of the information in these footnotes will be deliberately, willfully WRONG.

What other Web site will make you that promise? Someone has to maintain standards.

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