Car 3

Ms Diana Diamant

Outward appearance

Woman in early middle age. Long denim coat with fake fur collar, cowboy boots, Marianne-Faithfull hair, rugged good looks. She should have a cigarette in one hand and a whisky glass in the other.

Inside information

Freelance estate valuer. Works from home which means she can devote more time to Emma, her daughter.

What she is doing or thinking

Emma loves painting up her face and going to parties in character. She lives in a provisional world. If the curtains are drawn at mid-day and it's dark, Emma asks quizzically "Is it night?" If they miss a train, Emma sits on the platform and mourns with heaving sobs. Diana is only beginning to understand how different Emma's world is and how busy she herself is destroying it.

Diana's best friend Jane died at Christmas. They met at prenatal classes, and visited each other at the births. Their children became friends; Diana and Jane would take care of them both when the other had an assignment. In the hospital, Diana sat smoking by Jane's bed, ducking the nurses and their admonitions. "You're the only one who hasn't run away," Jane said.

Christmas was wiped out. As a late treat last night, Diana took both kids to see Peter Pan. It did nothing to help little Bobby. "Look they're flying," Diana said to him. He did not respond. In the car going back, he said in a quiet voice, "Everybody's dead. The Lost Boys are dead. Peter Pan's dead. Tinkerbell is dead."

"No she's not," pleaded Emma. "She's not. She's going to come back."

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