Car 3

Mr Saif Ali Khan

Outward appearance

Beefy Asian about 25 in track suit bottoms, black trainers, baseball cap, jacket with felt lettering sewn on it, lumberjack shirt in blue and white checks. George-Michael stubble. Flicks fitfully through an issue of Satellite TV.

Inside information

Works in the family domestic supplies business. Married to Amrita, daughter of a business partner. Has recently branched the business out into home electronics.

What he is doing or thinking

Thinking about last night. His mother was cooking, hollow eyed, and he talked about his father.

His father came first to Britain, they followed. Saif is convinced his father didn't want them. He would slam doors, slam their mother, slam the two boys. Saif remembers being pulled down the staircase of the council flats by his ankles, screaming, holding out his arms to his mother.

Saif found he could escape beating by bursting into tears whenever there was trouble. So the father beat the elder brother who blamed Saif. And strangest of all, because he wasn't beaten, Saif thought his father didn't love him.

Saif grew up disruptive, with bad grades and short attention span. He still finds reading nigglingly annoying, and hates most television. Things bore him. Women bore him, Amrita bores him.

"You still hate your father," his mother said sadly.

"Yes, yes I do," said Saif.

He did not see his father standing behind him. "But I've grown up now," his father said. It's true. Nowadays he is quiet, gentle, polite.

That is the worst of it. Saif cannot even reach the man who did it . He keeps flicking the magazine pages.

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