Car 3

Mr Shimon Souza

Outward appearance

Small, rotund, dark skinned man in navy-blue suit. Two walking sticks and a nautical tie clip. Wriggles in place as if doing a belly dance.

Inside information

Legal advisor at the International Maritime Organization near Vauxhall Bridge. Works through implications of changes to International Shipping Law. Of Portuguese/Angolan extraction. Lost both legs when a train ran over him as a child. Won a postgrad scholarship at Harvard. His life is built around independence and dignity.

What he is doing or thinking

Shimon's testicles have caught in the leather harnesses of his artificial legs. Checking to see if anyone is looking, he eases his hand into his pocket to flip them free. The harnesses close like jaws.

He arches his groin up in the hopes of pulling free. His entire genitalia are wrenched around 90 degrees. The most effective thing to do would be drop his trousers and start again. Instead, he gives two hard pelvic thrusts.

This makes him erect. Shimon has always felt that his generous pudenda were a just reward for those with the imagination to sleep with him. Now that very generosity increases his embarrassment. He stands, but putting on his coat reveals the extent of his problem. He whimpers towards the doorway in pain. A woman looks at him in heartfelt sympathy.

Shimon thinks of International Law, safety regulations, important shipping lanes. Rather worryingly, this makes the erection worse.

Shimon waits by the doorway, sweating smearing his brow. It is plainly going to be one of those days.

Until the lady follows him out of the carriage.

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