Car 3

Mrs Emma Christie

Outward appearance

Blue trousers, thick-soled shoes, white shirt, anorak, page boy cut, no make up. Reads a thick, stapled mimeographed publication, gone feathery around the edges.

Inside information

Clandestine author of slash fiction, for which she publishes a monthly fanzine. Slash fiction is written almost exclusively by women. It describes in livid physical and romantic detail, love affairs between male television characters. Brady and Doyle from The Professionals, or Sulu and Chekhov from Star Trek.

Emma's province is Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea . The ruined beauty of Richard Basehart, the slightly aging delicacy of David Hedison, make her heart grow faint. She writes of hidden moments of intimacy snatched between the giant squid or intelligent sea aliens.

What she is doing or thinking

Like a priest caught in a cottage, she is reading her bible for comfort.

The newly released tape of episode 57 has a VERY slashable moment in which the Admiral clasps the Captain's shoulder to give him fatherly advice. Hedison goes all dewy-eyed.

Her husband has found out. He cleaned out the garage, and found a box of 'zines: the scenes of incestuous buggery between Steptoe and Son, a passionate affair among all four of The Monkees.

"I understand," he said. "You do this because you want to get closer to men. You want to be in love with a man, but as a man, an equal."

Something in her tremored as he said it, with brown eyes that looked suddenly feminine.

Now, two day's later, she understands. Her husband is a cross-dresser. So in a sense is she.

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