Car 3

Mr Stefan Braun

Outward appearance

Polished forehead, tiny nose, craggy cheeks, floppy hair. Broad shouldered in an immaculate white overcoat and Gucci suit in patterned olive and brown. Reading the March 1995 issue of Jacqueline.

Inside information

A professional model being photographed by Passenger 109. Research shows that men do read this women's magazine, but in private. The original campaign Out of the Closets and into the Streets was ditched as sounding too gay. Now it's A Movable Feast ... food, fun, the arts, great suits and pages of beautiful women ... what more could a man on the move want?

What he is doing or thinking

Looking at a feature called The Prom. It features grown women in the 90s dressed up like teenagers in the 50s, driving in a pink Cadillac in the American desert. Two guys in tuxedos squint into the sun, or jump up and down. So far so obvious.

They want teenagers, babyfaces, thinks Stefan. He's old for a model. It's hard to look like a sleek, powerful businessman when you're shaky inside and trying to think of the next scam. He owes the bank money.

When he was a teenager, Stefan made a working model of a hover craft out of a vacuum cleaner. He had an instinct for computers: he loved programming. But he grew up beautiful, and everything was knocked off course by parties, dope, women, and finally modeling. Deep inside, he's a nerd with a yearning for a steady job in an IT unit. He can't get back.

Maybe he could teach a modeling course?

"Stefan?" asks the photographer. "Look up."

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