Car 3

Mdm. Marge Matisse

Outward appearance

String bag, multicolour flimsy dress, some kind of ethnic wool number down to her knees. Fiercely proud, much made-up face, with a swathe of coarse long hair in many shades of blonde.

Inside information

Heiress and descendant of Henri Matisse. Many times divorced. Marge continues to use her famous maiden name. She lives in terror of being forced to spend capital. Complains constantly of poverty and lives on cauliflower cheese.

What she is doing or thinking

Women of a certain age and temperament need love. Marge believes in simplicity, independence and good taste, and lately has been very moved by a boy, a young boy, homeless, selling that magazine, The Big Issue.

He looks so handsome, so sad. An uneducated Albanian seaman. Lived for years illegally in America, speaks perfect English. "Everyone learns English in Albania. But it is American English." There is something so elegant in his distant reserve, his enduring dignity.

She's going to do something that all her friends will tell her is very silly, but the heart has its own reasons, its mysteries. She has decided to ask him to live with her. She can introduce him to books, music, cafes, the spiritual life.

Another man lurches to his feet. Some might call him disabled and feel pity. She cannot help noticing certain other attributes. You see, she has imagination. She perceives in him a a vibrant sexual quality. He perches on two artificial legs, and she yearns to support him, hold him.

She'll get his name, just in case the Albanian falls through.

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