Car 3

Mr Don Disney

Outward appearance

Man about 50, very tanned, short grey hair, black trousers, heavy soled shoes, black jacket peeking out from the sleeves of a waterproof.

Inside information

A security guard on his way to work at Mosstains. He has just returned from Christmas holidays in Spain. He always wanted to be in the Army, but only ever made the TA. At 15, his parents would not sign the necessary papers to let him join, so he ended up working in old Billingsgate fish market.

What he is doing or thinking

He remembers the old market, with its arches, its noise, its humour. He remembers the heavy leather boots with the copper toes, and the thick leather hats on which he would balance boxes of fish, or trays of eels.

Don once chained his boss to the barrow all day. He had come back having skived off on his birthday, so the lads had made sure he'd stay there. Once a Jap tourist came early to take photographs. He stood up on the barrow which Don pulled, so Don pulled just a bit too hard - he fell backwards into a mass of fish.

Life was smart, hard and funny. Now it's grey and corporate. Don wants to live in Spain, and thaw out.

They used to have big metal chests of full of frozen eels. The eels would come back to life. The foundations of the old market were frozen solid from the cold store. When they moved the market the foundations thawed, and the building began to fall down. Like Britain really.

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