Car 3

Mrs Gwen Utlay

Outward appearance

Big boned, with slightly frizzy hair. Red jacket, pink blouse with gold broach, rust coloured dress and shoes, large camel coloured coat and brief case. Reading a copy of Management Excess. She underlines key passages.

Inside information

Gwen works for the NHS Tabulation and Processing Agency in Leeds. She's in charge of their Total Quality Management programme. She is visiting the London office, which shares the same building as the London Emergency Service. Gwen plans to write a report on the success of this related body in establishing procedures and targets. She has been invited by the boss of passenger 45. He wants Gwen to see his birthday party, the level of commitment he has from his staff.

What she is doing or thinking

Gwen firmly believes that the entire NHS should have an ISO standard quality accreditation. She was particularly inspired by the example of a ball bearing factory which held a joint Quality conference with their suppliers. She envisions a national conference of quality stewards from all the NHS agencies and suppliers, to agree industry-wide quality targets.

Gwen is armed with a draft questionnaire for the Emergency Service. It asks ambulance customers if the vehicle was comfortable, the driving of a safe but speedy quality, the staff polite and informative. Did patients have to sit on a trolley for a long time? If they had a complaint, did they receive an acknowledgement? Was the decor of the waiting room clean and give a friendly impression?

Gwen prides herself on thoroughness. What else might people using ambulances possibly want to comment on?

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