Car 4

Miss Mary Dzlkuni

Outward appearance

Stunningly beautiful black girl, black coat, long red dress with big red buttons up the front, left dangerously undone. She stares ahead through narrowed eyes, lips pulled down in a distracted frown. Pokes at her face, unconsciously looking for spots to squeeze. There are some, but not where she is squeezing.

Inside information

A temp, now a receptionist at the Peebrane Trust near Lambeth North. She does not quite know she is beautiful. She feels unloved. Her father and mother split up and divided their six children. Her father took three to England, separating Mary from her twin sister.

What she is doing or thinking

She has just been dropped again. Ken seemed a big, strong, noble man. He visited her father's house, courted her father, booming all the time about his prospects, about his standing back home. Foolish girl, she got carried away, gave in to him and now of course he treats her differently.

The men Mary meets are bold egotists who are confident enough to treat her like a Bastille to be stormed. Being beautiful could be enough to ruin her life.

The man next her, strange, thin, says gently. "Do you have Jesus in your life?"

"What? No."

"If you get to know Jesus, he makes everything all right."

This is a shy man. It is like talking to a nervous deer.

"I have to get off at the next stop," she says. "You can talk to me on the way if you like."

He does and she does not worry when he gets off with her.

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