Car 4

Mr Anup Agnihotri

Outward appearance

Large man in blue overalls. Beatle haircut, double chin, razor-proof stubble. Briefcase at feet has paint splattered on it. "Doohrs," he murmurs. "Doohrs."

Inside information

Indian/Ugandan here now for many years, running a small but successful electrical contractors. Currently carrying out a small rewiring contract with the Office of Publicity Procurement. Usually takes the van, but all his tools are safe inside the OPP, so he took the tube.

What he is doing or thinking

Looking at the people. It is strange to see how many of them are not English. It is as though he has been locked away in his own world. No wonder his daughter finds him so old fashioned.

Yesterday, one of the managers of the OPP came up to talk to him. What was he doing? The man looked polite, friendly, interested. Anup explained that he was fireproofing the doors to the main panels. He paints them on both sides with fire retardant.

The man nodded, smiling, friendly, and then asked again. What was he painting?

"Doors," replied Anup.

"Sorry?" replied the man.

"Doors," replied Anup. " Doors." He swung them back and forth, getting a bit of the paint on his fingers.

"Oh!" said the man. "Doors."

Anup has lived in this country 19 years and still people cannot understand his accent. He looks at the fireproof paint on his fingers and the nearby faces from around the world. How do they do so well here? He is a happy, outgoing, capable man. How much further does he need to go? Can he go?

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