Car 4

Mr Gary Collier

Outward appearance

Beefy man about 32, spiky black hair, pockmarked face, black jeans, leather jacket. Scowls broodingly.

Inside information

Works for the Met Police in the Maintenance section. The lover of Amanda Stinton.

What he is doing or thinking

Last night Gary told his wife Toni that it was over, he's leaving her. As she's two months pregnant, there was a bit of a scene. She rang her Mum. Mrs Greene came over with murder on her mind. The wife is in the bedroom crying, Mrs Greene is shouting.

"What are you playing at? What's so special about this girl, then? You just get on the phone now and tell her it's over."

Gary took it for a while and then let her have it. "I don't have to answer to anybody, let alone you, you old cow. Keep out of it."

Gary smiles: he has to admit, it was all a bit strong. Mrs Greene is going to do everything she can to make his life a misery. He can't blame them really. It's like opening a jack in the box and watching the mess explode.

The train stops.

Gary gets off at Lambeth North. Two cars ahead, out comes Amanda. He saunters up behind her. "Boo," he says smiling.

"Oh. You, is it?"

"Sorry about Sunday. I got something to tell you," he says.

"So have I," she says.

They both speak at once. He says, "I told Toni. I'm leaving her." She says. "It's over Gary."

Both of them stop, and stare. They don't move as everyone else walks by.

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