Car 4


Outward appearance

Plump, all in grey. Restless, chooses not to stay in his seat, but walks up and down in the doorway area, head cocked sideways in a open, friendly, but somewhat vacant manner. Iridescent green collar around throat. Pigeon-chested, pigeon-toed.

Inside information

Lost on the Underground system since Baker Street, and separated from his wife whom he misses with a vague yearning. Who is hungry as always, keeping an eye out for something to eat.

What he is doing or thinking

Investigates a briefcase that smells tantalizingly of proteins, polish, and discarded skin like a corpse in the roadway. Who pecks it experimentally with his beak, but it isn't rotten or crushed enough. Shoes smell inviting too, but they keep moving, and the place where uppers meet soles looks suspiciously like smiling lips over teeth.

Who looks up and sees the lights, as bright as daylight and escape. Leaps up towards them, and pecks at the solidified light, then settles down again. He is no longer mystified by glass. Congratulates himself for being rather with-it, knowing about windows and all. The noise and motion stop, the doors open like jaws, and he scuttles backwards in fear.

Someone tries to herd him towards them. Who panics and flies further down the aisle. Suddenly feet, like an avalanche of boulders, move all around him . He flutters up, and people duck. His wings avoid touching their entangling hair.

The doors rumble shut and he is swept on towards the Elephant, and again, he tries to fly upward, towards the light and freedom.

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