Car 4

Miss Jenny Green

Outward appearance

Red cheeked, 20, short auburn hair, brilliant red coat. Bounds in at Embankment, giggling, and peers through the door between carriages. She waves at someone and starts to laugh. The train lurches and she drops into the seat at the end of the row.

Inside information

Works in the pay office of the London College of Printing, where she met Kevin. Now they live and go to work together every day. They are both Beatle fans; the music is sensible and has nice tunes.

What she is doing or thinking

Jenny never had much time for nonsense; straight after school she got a good job, went out every Friday with the same large crowd of friends. She knew Kevin was a good thing soon as they met.

She sees his long pale face, his James Dean hair, through a screen of splattered grit and dust. She sticks her tongue out at him. He says, "You're mad, you are."

"I'm not having anything to do with do," she says, and pretends to examine her fingernails. A drunk staggers past her to stand by the door and that sets her off again.

Then the drunk vomits over her knees. Jenny pauses, and the ludicrousness of it hits her. Kevin calls, "that'll teach you!"

She'll have to go home and change. "I'm getting off here," she shouts through the glass. Kevin holds a hand up to his ear. She leaves the train at Lambeth North, giddy with laughter. The drunk looks confused. Kevin waves, chuckling, as the train pulls him away to the Elephant.

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