Car 4

Mr Jack Spufford

Outward appearance

Late 20s, casually but neatly dressed, fawn slacks, dress shoes, grey anorak.

Inside information

A part time classical musician and partner in If you've got it, flaut it, a shop that stocks nothing but flutes and sheet music. A year ago, on a concert trip to Poland, met and married Katya. The Home Office would not let her into the UK. They said they had to be married for six months first. So Jack returned and they both waited for six months. Then officials said he had to buy a flat before they would let Katya in. He was sharing with three other blokes. Someone said it was because they thought he was gay.

He saved and searched and finally found a one bedroom place for 59,000. In London that's a bargain. He wife is still in Poland.

What he is doing or thinking

Yesterday, waiting in the Croydon immigration office, he met the white wife of a black man. Her husband came here as a student. They are in love, they are married, but he was not allowed to work. She applied for work permits, the officials lost the applications. Now they are saying he has to go home though the marriage is legal. Why? Well, because he hasn't worked all the time he has been here!

An official, another woman, took her aside and told her out of kindness to give up -- the Agency thought it was an convenience marriage, and nothing she could do would change their minds.

Black or white, if you're foreign, England can be a shithole.

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