Car 4

Ms Lucie Friend

Outward appearance

Going to dinner dance in 1957? Satin top, full black skirt, velvety black high heels, tweed coat with black velvet collar. About 36. Looks across the row and fans out her fingers of both hands. Turns her head to the left, to the right. Squeezes both earrings. Grimaces showing all her teeth, moving head from left to right again. Licks teeth. Reaches into purse.

Inside information

Works for Beetlehide Shippers as PA to the Mediterranean Controller. Unmarried, lives with her mother. The two are very fashion conscious and share clothes.

What she is doing or thinking

Lucie is using the windows of the train as mirrors. She was very impressed once by a description of Mrs Thatcher's grooming. The secret was constant maintenance. Lucie checks out hair, fingernails polish, and teeth, for any signs of breakfast. From her colour-coordinated purse, she gets an ID badge, and tries out various positions which combine modesty and assertiveness.

Lucie knows her workmates are spreading vicious rumours. They say she has fallen in love with the Mediterranean Controller. That is because she must restrict access to him, protect him. Others are out to undermine him, and so target her as well. Naturally a woman devoted to her work is devoted to the man. She keeps a picture of his two children on her desk. She sends them birthday cards and presents. She gives him presents: mugs, pens and once a set of six white Y fronts.

Armoured for the day, she walks early to the doorway, rustling from silks and girdles underneath her skirt.

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