Car 4

This text-only list shows you WHO is in the car, WHERE they are sitting and WHAT are their interests and concerns.

110. ANDY DE VENDEUSSE, Mum and fun
sits opposite
145. DOUGLAS ESSWOOD, image and video

111. MARIANNE DE VENDEUSE, son and funds
sits opposite
144. DOMINIC SHARPE, Imperial war

112. PETER DEARLOVE, Toronto Blessing
sits opposite
143. LUCIE FRIEND, silks and y-fronts

113. MARY DZLKUNI, the wrong men
sits opposite
142. NANE PARELY, time and family

114. THOMAS DOWE, the dark
sits opposite
141. JOSETTE PARELY, licorce and Mummy

115. DEBENDRATH KARAN, art and chocolate
sits opposite
140. ANITA MAZZONI, another happy subscriber


116. ANUP AGNIHOTRI, doors and faces
sits opposite
139. HISHAM BADHURI, selves like fish

117. EDWARD GOSSART, Teddy and teddies
sits opposite
138. NICHOLAS PAGANOS, children like stars

118. ANUK DHOTRI, unwedded mess
sits opposite
137. XAVIER DUCRO, managars and wan grins?

119. GARY COLLIER, mad cows and bull
sits opposite
136. IBRAHIM GURER, teddy bears and Ulster

120. ELAINE CLEMENTS, unwedded mess
sits opposite
135. JACK SPUFFORD, flutes and passports

is opposite
134. LEON DE MARCO, free style swimming


121. WHO? the light
stands by the doors

122. JOHN KENNEDY, sticks and stones
sits opposite
133. MARGARET LEVESQUE, the birds is coming

123. JOHN TEMPLETON, Samaritans and taxicabs
sits opposite
132. RICHARD THURLOW, feats of clay

124. TOM MCHUGH, mind the gap
sits opposite
131. RON BUSBY, manors and manners

125. ANTHONY LOWICK, bagpipes and churches
sits opposite
130. GERTA FAZAHI, killing jokes

126. CAROL NOADES, bosses and husbands
sits opposite
129. JOHN MINNOTT, hugs and kisses

127. JENNY GREEN, the last laugh
sits opposite
128. AGATHA BEFFONT, Nanny and trauma


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