Car 5

Miss Sonali Shetty

Outward appearance

Thirteen years old. Raw silk top, white slacks, green cloth coat with fake fur collar. Short hair, which she keeps tossing out her face. Gold earrings, and make up. Strains upward to talk to her taller companion.

Inside information

Ballet student given time off regularly from St Paul's to practise in studio at Merely College. In love with the girl next to her.

What she is doing or thinking

Everyone knows that she, Sonali, is prettier than Iris and looks are important if you're a dancer, so why is Iris so superior all the time? Is it money? Well Sonali's family have money too.

She's trying to help Iris. "You have to have a good silhouette. A large bottom needs long legs. You can away with it if you have a high waist and a good carriage."

Maybe this sounds a bit personal, Sonali thinks. But you have to be objective about such things.

Suddenly, Iris is talking about their teacher Miss Boniface, who Sonali is sure fancies them both, and that makes Sonali sad, angry.

"But she has the reverse problem, tiny legs," Sonali says. It's her problem, too. She thinks her own legs are small, bandy, nearly misshapen.

Iris wipes her nose in that prissy way. Iris! Notice me, not your bloody teacher!

"Also, the legs are thick, just here in front." Sonali says, continuing, sensing that something has veered out of control. She hates Miss Boniface.

It's not like that when the music plays, and they strip down to work and they are like horses, running. Running together.

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