Car 5

Mr Sunil Kurash

Outward appearance

Tall, prim gentleman sitting upright in grey suit and overcoat. Another passenger, swaggering, deliberately kicks Sunil's briefcase. It is Sunil who apologizes.

Inside information

Works alongside his solicitor brother for a law firm that rejoices in the name of Kurash and Steele.

Sunil is the model of polite behaviour. His politeness annoys people. He apologizes for arriving late or early or dead on time. He apologizes for talking to people or not talking to people.

When he was a child, Sunil had a terrible temper. He would leave the table in a high dudgeon. His father warned, "If you smash your sister's new fire engine I shall punish you," and Sunil did smash it. He would howl and rage and kick.

But now when Sunil loses his temper, something worse happens. He starts to talk like Donald Duck. Exactly like Donald Duck. Wharr wharr wharraraa. He finds this mortifying.

What he is doing or thinking

Sunil can't believe that he apologized. The old man, red-faced and drunk, feints at the case again as if it were a football and drops into his seat.

Sunil finds his soul prickled as if with a rising of feathers. He can almost feel them under his skin.

"Scotland Forever," the drunk says.

Sunil struggles to suppress his inner Donald Duck. His soul is filled with wordless anger in a language from beyond childhood. He yearns to lisp and spray and throw things.

Instead Sunil clenches his paper into folds, picks up his case, and gets off at Waterloo.

Sunil cannot speak any Asian tongue.

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