Car 5

Mrs Mel Mckinney

Outward appearance

Late 20s, drifting off to sleep behind huge specs. Ill-assorted clothes: black leather jacket with a flimsy green dress bunching up behind her knees.

Inside information

Her husband Bill is the caretaker of St Michael's RC school. Their flat is stuck on top of the scruffy, modern, brick building. The roof terrace deserves tricycles and building blocks, but they have no children.

Mel's husband is away on a conference. Last night, Mel popped out for a loaf of bread. "We are trying to keep this door locked and secure," says a hand-lettered sign on the school door. Mel remembered halfway to the shop that she'd left her keys behind. She had to stay the night at her sister's.

What she is doing or thinking

Mel is dreaming of her brother-in-law, Ray. Shy, sweet, he has high cheek bones, a snub nose, and black hair that keeps its comb marks. Her sister Sandra has blond slightly spiky hair. She has two kids and a ring through her nose. Mel showed up, apologized, was given the usual lecture. "Honestly, you'd think you'd learn!" The two sisters don't get on.

Years ago it was Mel who brought Ray home first. He wasn't quite her boyfriend, but he was going to be. Sandra as usual wanted something someone else had. She's got him now.

But Ray still likes Mel, best. His eyes go all soft when he looks at her. All of Mel goes soft for him. Asleep now, she dreams of the taste of his tongue, of having his babies.

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