Car 6

Miss Georgina Havistock

Outward appearance

A glum fairy? Pretty, plump woman in a pink dress, all lacy pleats like a ballet tutu. Veiled 1950s hat over short black hair.

Inside information

Part-owner of Yesterdaze, a shop near Waterloo that sells vintage magazines and clothes. Her partner is her ex-boyfriend. Things are a bit tense.

Just back from France on the Shuttle. Has followed her neighbour first north from Waterloo, then south.

What she is doing or thinking

It always seems to happen. She never had so much fun as yesterday, all done up, taking the train to France.

And meeting Anthony. She thought he was gorgeous the moment she saw him. He was so much fun as well. She would like to remember just one of his jokes. Maybe they weren't that good; maybe you had to be there. Maybe you had to be going to someone else's wedding by yourself, a bit tipsy, and relieved to meet someone so nice. Who was going to the same wedding as you.

Only he wasn't. Her hands rise and fall with frustration. She's already lost her temper with him for blaming her for taking him to the wrong wedding. "I wasn't blaming you," he said mysteriously. So why isn't he talking to her?

At Waterloo, Georgina says,"Goodbye."

He looks up, suprised. "You get off here? Why did you take the tube north?"

She shrugs. "To stay with you."

"I'll call you," he says.

On the platform Georgina sees an older woman who looks firm, settled. Georgina wonders: will I ever be as tough as that?

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