Car 6

Mr Harry Migson

Outward appearance

Bulky, youngish man with teddy-boy hair. Purple, broken veins map his cheeks. Corduroy overcoat with fake fur collar. Soft shoes masquerading as office shoes rest on a large cardboard box tied with twine to form a handle.

Inside information

Record dealer. He and his brother Terry run two separate cut price CD stalls and supply numerous others. Friends in warehouses supply them with returned job lots. What'll cost you fourteen quid in a shop, Harry will sell you on Lower Marsh for 9.99, or he'll get it for you. It's a cold job this time of year.

Today, his brother's got the van to make a collection from Polygram (and to keep Rufus, their bull terrier, with him and out of trouble).

Going through stock this morning, Harry opened up a cardboard box full of reggae and Jamaican imports. He has a terrible feeling that Ashley Watkins got the box meant for a Carpenters Fan Club Sale.

Now on his way to swap boxes.

What he is doing or thinking

What he is going to say to Ashley. Sorry, mate? Ashley always looks so long-faced and grim.

Nothing personal? Got to see the funny side, don't you? Somehow Harry doesn't think Ashley will.

Maybe, thinks Harry, I should go into classical. Different kind of clientele. After all there's that second hand shop by Waterloo. They do all right, and the same places will supply job lots of old Nigel Kennedy stuff. Three Tenors and all that.

He decides to talk to Terry when he gets back from the Elephant.

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