Car 6

Miss Angela Dowd

Outward appearance

Battered orange leather jacket with diamond-pattern shoulders. Black tights with a hole in the thigh, motorcycle boots with elaborate shin pads and rows of undone buckles. Ring through nose, black T shirt with the logo 'Misbegotten'. Long hair with pink highlights. Takes out mirror, examines her eye. Starts to read last night's Evening Standard .

Inside information

Part-time art teacher and band member. Was part of the Dublin scene for years. Knows Bono. Friend also of Annie Jeanrenaud.

Eighteen months ago, the band got a gig in Paris. With all their gear, they took a minicab to the airport. At check-in, Angela realized that she'd forgotten her passport and dashed back home.

Only to find the cab driver standing embarrassed in her sitting room, hugging her stereo, jiggling it up and down as if it were a baby .

Angela teaches art at Holloway prison. Yesterday, that cab driver showed up in her class. He stared embarrassed again.

What she is doing or thinking

Keeping her cool. She checks out her split ends: long hair doesn't really suit the image anyway. She examines her eye: she's got a stye coming.

Actually, it's kind of cool to be in a situation where you're training somebody who robbed you. Why else did she volunteer to teach art in prison? She picks up the Standard . And puts it down.

Because she's fucking angry. She's angry because she missed the plane, missed the gig; the police treated her like the criminal. And because at night, alone in her house, she's not cool at all.

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