Car 7

M. Anton Enzer

Outward appearance

Rail-thin young man, clear complexion, shock of black hair, outdoor overcoat, black suit. Stares at a white card.

Inside information

Returning to France for his father's funeral.

At the age of seventy, Anton's mother asked his father for a divorce. The shock triggered a stroke. When Anton's mother learned that her husband might die soon, and that she had been written out of his will, she tried to declare him insane.

Anton persuaded his father to sign a statement that he was content with his treatment. Anton used this to block his mother's attempts to re-examine his father with her own tame doctors. The divorce and the will went through.

His father re-married one of his students, a dull woman Anton thought would take care of him. She waited until his will was changed again, and then declared him incompetent. Morose, confused, his father died in care, leaving both Anton and his mother disinherited.

What he is doing or thinking

The invitation invites contributions to an Alzheimers charity. Anton's stepmother is implying that her husband died of Alzheimers. His father was bitter and acerbic, but deserved better.

An old lady, some drunk, asks Anton to dance. He waves her away. She starts to sing. A black woman joins her, and demands "Everybody!"

Why the hell not? Anton stands up and bows. "May I have this dance?" The old woman's face crinkles into a smile. They waltz up the aisle and Anton decides: he does not approve of this funeral. He will not go. He dances on past Waterloo.

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