Car 7

Mrs Gemma Carty

Outward appearance

Woman in mid 30s. Fawns, pinks, browns merge to form a business-like presentation. Orange lipstick matches her short hair. Reading a document, shaking her head slightly.

Inside information

Conference Director of the Britannia Club. Gemma balances the needs of Club members with sales to other customers. She referees when catering, marketing, AV, bookings and finance all disagree.

What she is doing or thinking

Curently reading minutes taken by her new secretary and pondering the mysteries of the human mind. She was told that Suschita, an Indian girl adopted by Swiss parents, would be a very thorough notetaker and not to be alarmed by her methods. Gemma was appalled at the first monthly sales meeting. Suschita spent the entire time drawing circles, arrows, zig-zags, and Dumbo the flying elephant. Her ex-employer Mrs Hofer soothed Gemma's fears.

And here are the minutes, typed from circles and arrows.

"Mr Gestetner emphasized that the brief for the new audio visual equipment was a matter for the presentations team. Miss Buxton replied that it was typical of the AV team to try to do marketing; Mr Gestener replied that it was typical of marketing to think that equipment did not need specification. Mrs Carty resolved the issue by deciding to include marketing in the tender team."

Gemma can't send that to people. It's too accurate.

Gemma looks up to see people begin to sing and dance. She prepares to get off at Waterloo. What a strange and miraculous species we are, she thinks.

Then she thinks: I'll send it just as it is.

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