Car 7

Mr Graham Waddle

Outward appearance

About 26, skinny, spotty, with a big nose, no chin, and huge teeth that threaten constantly to push his mouth into a smile.

Inside information

Van driver for Buntley Coachworks. Very quietly keeps the company functioning. Its stock control system is faulty: the computer system needs too much feeding. Graham knows what parts are running low and what is being repaired, and collects what's needed before it's even ordered. Gives staff and customers lifts, deals with the MD.

What he is doing or thinking

Never a dull moment at Buntley's. Graham needs the loading bay for the van, but Mr Gray parks there overnight. Graham just has to laugh. The number of times he's pulled in with part of a chassis, or an exhaust, only to find Mr Gray's car there.

Graham's become quite an expert in the MD's movements. He says he's popping out for a sandwich, but takes his car. One lunchtime, Graham saw the MD's car parked in a residential street in Clapham. That would be some sandwich.

The two black guys who'd had their car kicked in: Mr Gray told Andy to use an old panel. Graham slipped Andy a new one instead. He saw Mr Gray filch Andy's lighter out of his bag. And there was that joke on Pru.

So all in all, Graham's decided. If Mr Gray says he's going out for a sandwich, Graham will follow him. And if he goes to some bird's house, Graham will make sure the lads all know.

And he'll ask Andy if he got his lighter back.

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