Car 7

Mr Malik Begum

Outward appearance

Handsome businessman, dark suit, camelhair coat. Black hair rolls in waves. Deep circles under his eyes. Rubs them, seems to crumple, then sits up straight, in power again.

Inside information

Owns the Sharma Restaurant near Lambeth North. It is well appointed, with glass panels frosted with Hindu motifs, though Mr Begum is Muslim.The restaurant is almost always empty, but keeps large numbers of people in employment.

It launders money for gentlemen in Soho. Last night they took Mr Begum to dinner. It went on too long, he became suspicious; they tried to get him drunk then they asked him to work through a ludicrous sum. His percentage would keep his family in comfort -- and he didn't know what would happen if he refused them.

It's such a risk. No one will believe that sum for food, tablecloths, or maintenance. He's spent all night trying to work it out and decided: the only way the business would move that much cash was if it were sold. He has to close it. Then that will be it, he promises, he will have no more dealings with them.

What he is doing or thinking

Mr Begum gets out at Lambeth and to his horror, he sees his wife in the next car. Their eyes meet, she stands up to go, but the doors close. The train pulls away.

On the platform people are dancing and blowing party favours. Radios squawk. At the far end, two policemen interrogate some tourists, then suiddenly look down the tunnel in the direction Malik's wife has gone.

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