Car 7

Mr Tristan Sawyer

Outward appearance

Vaguely Mediterranean, slightly beaky gentleman in long grey coat, black hair. Has his FT out, but isn't reading.

Inside information

Financial forecaster for a large corporation. Used to be a colleague and the best friend of Richard Tomlinson. Works late most nights. Has the confidence of the Managing Director. At dinner last night the MD asked Tristan if he knew why Richard had left. Tristan didn't say.

What he is doing or thinking

Thinking he really should give Richard a call. Tristan was very angry with him for getting himself infected. Silly trollop, there were plenty of nice men who would have fallen all over themselves to have a relationship with him. In his younger days.

The Corp sent them both out to the Essex office, and they had to share the company flat. It had been fun, getting drunk, pretending to be het. He really needed watching over that boy. Overdid the sauce at times.

It was pathetic after he resigned. He didn't realize he no longer had the same hold over people he once had: not as pretty, not as successful. It really was a bit difficult introducing him at dinner parties: this is my dropped-out friend Richard.

He's as strong as a horse of course, and will be fine. Anyway, Tristan has to fly out to Venezuela next week. Maybe he'll give him a call after that. Just to show he isn't avoiding him or anything.

Tristan suddenly sees Richard's face as it was in Essex, happy, bold, smiling, beautiful. He tries to dismiss it, and can't.

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