Car 7

Miss Cherl Jones

Outward appearance

About 24, hair in stripes of different shades of blonde pulled back by hair grip. Black jumper, red body warmer, blue suede hiking boots, all spotless. Large cloth bag with ROCK GEEK logo.

She sits like a stack of precariously balanced china. She seems to be looking permanently upwards because of the tilt of the tip of her nose. Her upper lip looks numb.

Inside information

Dental nurse. The gear is a disguise. She'll bounce back into the practice and breathlessly tell them she just got of the train from her especially long skiing holiday in France. In fact, she is returning from plastic surgery.

What she is doing or thinking

She is completely occupied simply with sitting on a train. She feels exposed as if the top layer of skin has been peeled away (it has). Are people looking?

Cherl is convinced that she is now extraordinarily beautiful. She glances sideways in the reflecting windows and has this confirmed. She looks just like Sharon Stone. She feels nervous and joyful all at once. Her chin used to jut out towards her long and downward turning nose. She looked like a nutcracker.

Now she wonders if a career in modelling might not be possible. She crosses her legs and holds her hands aloft in the air, to judge the effect. Her whole life will change.

She only wishes her face wasn't so cold and heavy. She stands up at Waterloo with a flourish. Her feet pluck a pathway down the aisle, as if she were being married to a new self.

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