Car 7

Mr Mab Mahanchandra

Outward appearance

Plump, brown, sharp. Short, greased ,standing-up hair. Thick overcoat in zigzag black and white pattern. A green suit that seems to flow like the sticky plastic from which squidgy toys are made. Cobalt-blue tie. Reading a Superman novelization.

Gives the party in the car one gimlet look and joins it.

Inside information

Anglo Indian. Degree in computer science. Writing cyberpunk novel. Loves dance music and helps a friend convert his stuff to MIDI files. Folded in his pocket is a business plan for a consultancy to get small firms online. He is en route to the SBS, to present it to Camilla Burke-Harris.

A free man in the new Britain. Mab fancies Dean Caine. He fancies Lois. He fancies anything. Already a father: his girlfriend gave birth at home. Even his bewildered parents don't know about it. His various occupations mean he spends most daytimes taking care of the infant. Works on his programs in the evening until ten 'o' clock, then goes out til 3.00 am.

What he is doing or thinking

Right now, Mab is thinking of Dean Caine's body in his own new suit. It's by Tom Gilbey, it's green, everyone else is in blue or black. Mab is the bee's knees and knows it.

The dance begins. "Everybody!" Mab jumps up, swings the black woman around. She recognizes a fellow spirit and roars with laughter. He kisses her on the cheek. He shakes his plump tummy, hands over his head. Then they all spin off the car at Lambeth North.

World, meet your future.

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