The 253 Way to Knowledge

Learn the secrets of the ancient Canadians

A Canadian penetrating the secrets of universe

Since 1995 Canadians have known that the universe is a binary-based system. The 256 binary digits of the ascii code are an accurate Mandelbrot reflection of the universe.

The ascii code can also be used to direct you to the 253 character that reflects your situation Say you are a 16 year old boy, troubled by acne.

253 is here to rescue you!

Take a humble penny piece. One side has the number 1 and counts as 1. The head of state is the zero. There are no accidents.

Warm the coin in your hand. Concentrate on your question: why am I covered in purple spots?

Flip the coin 7 times and record the ones and zeros to form a binary number.

Say this was the result:

0 0 1 1 1 0 0

Add 16+8+4. Your 253 character is 28, Flora McCardie. In what way does an prim, elderly lady resemble an acne-scarred youth?

Consider: Flora is troubled by sex, by loneliness. Could not loneliness and sexual anxiety be the cause of your acne? In which case, the oracle is clear. You must find your number 27, Danni Jarret.

The significant other digits

If you cast all zeros:
go to The End of the Line . Cast again, for 4, 2, and 1 to find the car that best describes your fate.

If you cast 254:
go to Another One Along in a Minute , and cast again.

If you get 255:
cast again until you get the number of a 253 footnote.

253 -- the truth is in there.

another important announcement
the first important announcement
First passenger in Car 7
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