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The concept, structure and text of 253 are by Geoff Ryman.
Graphics are by Roland Unwin.
Prototype encoding of the car maps is by Tim Levy.

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About the author

Geoff Ryman is the author of several successful novels, mostly science fiction. The Unconquered Country (1984) won both the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) Award and the World Fantasy Award.

The Child Garden (1989) won the Arthur C Clarke Award and the John W Campbell Memorial Award (First Place). An extract published in Interzone also won a BSFA Award. His 1991 novel following the inspiration and consequences of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, has been adapted first as a play and then a musical. In 1994 his first collection of short fiction was published,Unconquered Countries. Air (2004) won the Arthur C Clarke Award, the Canadian Sunburst Award, the BSFA Award for best Novel and the then James A Tiptree Memorial Award. The King's Last Song, a novel about Cambodia followed in 2006 and another short story collection Paradise Tales contained many of his stories Cambodian tales. In 2012 he won a Nebula Award for his Nigeria-set novelet What We Found. In 2023 his novel about the life of Jesus, will be published.

In 2016 he began publishing the series of interviews 100 African Writers of SFF in Strange Horizons. He is currently the Administrator for the Nommo Awards for Speculative Fiction by Africans.

This site was an attempt to keep some hands-on experience encoding HTML. All the errors are his.

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