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Another theory is that the Elephant was named after the Cutler's Company that dealt in ivory (ivory, Elephant, geddit?) at the junction of roads. Medieval heraldry often showed an elephant with a castle on its back, so that might a source. Is it any wonder that the English are so obsessed with their fascinating history?

Most of the people in 253 are going to places in and around Lambeth and the Elephant. Most of Lambeth was a marsh until the 18th century. Never guess that from street names like Lower Marsh, would you? In fact, one of the guesses (by Christopher Hibbert) as to how London got its name is because of Lambeth. If Lambeth was basically a shallow lake, the place beside it might be called Llyn Din -- Lake City. And I thought it was because the Roman city was called Londinium.

This is the second novel I've set in Lambeth. I work there, and it makes research cheaper than, say, Egypt or Thailand.

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