Car 1

Ms Eveleen Doyce

Outward appearance

Large black woman over whom gravity has no power. She appears to have been pasted on the seat by computer imaging. Her face beams in steady contentment. She wears all black, except for a cap edged in gold braid.

Inside information

Made redundant by British Telecom two years ago. Pregnant with her second child. Going to Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre to collect a stereo. She bought it on credit by claiming she was still on pregnancy leave. They asked for references and she gave her old BT boss, a batty female accountant. The woman must have taken a shine to Eveleen. She told a fib.

Eveleen has a mad, one-armed step father who wants to kill her. He phones her day and night to threaten her. The idea of him, one-armed, trying to do her in makes her laugh. She roars at him down the telephone, even at one in the morning.

What she is doing or thinking

A scuffle breaks out. Eveleen frowns in amusement and delicately scratches her head. These white people, she thinks. They are so selfish and it just makes them crazy. The whole world is crazy, spinning round and round. She thinks of her brother who tried to slash the seats at McDonalds. The seats at McDonalds are so hard that people won't sit for long. The seats don't slash, but her brother always keeps on with whatever he's doing. He was still slashing when the police arrived.

This mad world pleases Eveleen, leaves her content. If she were to die right now, she wouldn't mind.

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